About Erik Visser
Erik Visser

Erik Visser, Website Builder and Web Developer

ErikVisser.net is the home of Erik Visser on the world wide web. I work as a freelance website and web-developer.

What will you find here? Mainly information regarding my work. My curriculum vitae. And information regarding the services i offer.

Furthermore there will be a page on webtechnology related stuff.

Not all information is available in English yet.

This site is a sign-board for my skills and services as a webdeveloper. And its an environment for testing webdevelopment stuff regarding XHTML, CSS, DOM, Javascript, PHP and MySQL.

Amongst my skills arte: building websites (including CMS websites and web shops), Java programming, and more. Please refer to my CV for a more detailed overview.

If you are interested in hiring me as a website builder or web-developer please let me know. My e-mail adress is at the bottom of each page. Or you can use the contact form.

Curriculum Vitae

My curriculum vitae is available in 3 formats.