Website Examples

Below you see small images of Internet sites built by me.
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ottermeer_klein ster_klein 24-10reading.nl_klein tekstbureauro.nl_klein leondekker.nl_klein bartbleijerveld.nl_klein kzu_klein dap_klein zweethut.net_klein ster_klein

My starting-point: Customer Satisfaction

WBuilding a Internet site is something that you do together.
Of course the Internet site must work technical well. But a Internet site is more than only technique.
The website must radiate something what addresses the target group of the Internet site.
The website is just finished if the customer is really satisfied.
As a customer the new website must make you feel joyful.
The job is done when we reach that goal.

Content Management en Web Shop

More an more customers ask for tools to maintain the website themselve. A tool for this is a Content Management Systeem or CMS. Another trend is the increase of the number of web-shops.

My experience includes both CMS and web-shop.

Websites built with the Future in Mind

All developed websites meet the following criteria.

More on this subject: Future Ready Websites